pulse and cadence


Pulse and Cadence (Originally released as The Complete Rhyming Dictionary in 1992 in Japan only)

Jon Herington

Track List:

1) Kernel of Truth
2) City of Lights
3) Hope and Woe
4) Panacea
5) Twisted Logic
6) Double Blind
7) Blackthorn Grove
8) Roll On, River

1. Kernel of Truth
··guitars, vocals - Jon Herington
··piano, synthesizers - Jim Beard
··soprano saxophone - Ralph Bowen
··bass - Victor Bailey
··drums - Peter Erskine
··percussion, vocals - Arto Tuncboyacian

2. City of Lights
··guitar - Jon Herington
··piano, hammond organ - Jim Beard
··bass - Victor Bailey
··drums - Peter Erskine
··alto and tenor saxophones - Ralph Bowen
··trombone - Michael Mossman

3. Hope and Woe
··guitar - Jon Herington
··Wurlitzer piano, synthesizer - Jim Beard
··bass - Victor Bailey
··percussion - Arto Tuncboyacian
··flute, clarinet, bass clarinet - Leno Gomez

4. Panacea
··guitars - Jon Herington
··clavinet, Hammond organ, synthesizers - Jim Beard
··bass - Victor Bailey
··drums - Peter Erskine

5. Twisted Logic
··guitar - Jon Herington
··Hammond organ - Jim Beard
··bass - Victor Bailey
··Drums - Peter Erskine

6. Double Blind
··guitars - Jon Herington
··Rhodes piano, synthesizers - Jim Beard
··bass - Victor Bailey
··drums - Peter Erskine
··percussion - Arto Tuncboyacian

7. Blackthorn Grove
··guitars, mandolin - Jon Herington
··piano, synthesizer - Jim Beard
··tenor saxophone - Ralph Bowen
··bass - Victor Bailey
··string percussion - Arto Tuncboyacian
··drums - Peter Erskine

8. Roll On, River
··guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals - Jon Herington
··piano, synthesizers, vocals - Jim Beard
··bass - Victor Bailey
··drums - Peter Erskine
··soprano and tenor saxophones - Ralph Bowen
··trumpet, trombone - Michael Mossman
··flute, clarinet, bass clarinet - Leno Gomez

All songs composed by Jon Herington and published by GoodJon BadJon Music / BMI

Recorded and mixed by Phil Magnotti at Carriage House Studios, Stamford CT
June 21 - July 3, 1992

Additional recording by Tom Bender .
Assistants - Tom Bender and Kate Broudy

Digitally edited and mastered by Ron Bach for Editmasters

Contracting and production coordination - John Montagnese

Produced by Jon Herington and Jim Beard

From the liner notes:

I've always been a musician blessed (and sometimes cursed) with a desire to explore and play a wide range of styles; there is so much music I love and can't resist. This recording represents, for me, the result of many years of immersion in instrumental music-making with firm roots in jazz, but also incorporating pop, rock, and blues elements, all with the guitar in the role of the central voice.

The strongest influence on me during the writing phase of this project was the music of Weather Report, in spite of the fact that they rarely used guitar. It is no coincidence that I chose two brilliant veterans of that group, Victor Bailey and Peter Erskine, to play bass and drums. The music would not have the personality it has without their contributions and those of the very unique and imaginative Arto Tuncboyacian on percussion (and voice), who always manages to find more "life" in the music than I ever thought could exist.

My favorite moments on this recording come from my great friend Jim Beard, whose resume reads like a history book of modern, vital, improvisation-based music making, and whose musical depth and width seem increasingly rare and unparalleled today. Jim not only brought some of the freshest, most adventurous playing to this music, he helped oversee its production.

I hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as I enjoyed making it. To me, it resists categorization. It is rich, though, in Pulse and Cadence.